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October 2024
10, 11, 12 & 13

Anonymous survey concerning in-person activities during Confuror 2021

In anticipation to the return to normality, Confuror seeks to know the public's opinion regarding in-person activities during the 2021 edition.

Probably like everyone else, we started this year hoping that the days of the pandemic would soon be over and that the solution, wherever it came from, would become effective in the first few months. We are now close to the halfway point of the year and we can barely peek calmly at a scenario that looks more promising every day.

In Confuror we have kept a low profile in recent months, in solemnity for the situation we are living and waiting for a better chance to talk about what is of our concern. In light of the return to normality that is approaching, we would like to know the opinion of all those who are interested in our event, whether or not they have a standing registration for the 2021 edition. We have several proposals to carry out a safe event in the current conditions and in those that are expected for the last quarter of the year. One of them is to maintain an online event as it happened in 2020, while others contemplate some in-person activities implementing sanitary and control measures.

For the moment we do not want to give details of them so as not to cause confusion; before making our final decision and being able to present them to you in detail, we want to hear the views of our attendees and the general public interested in Confuror. For this purpose we have prepared an anonymous survey.

We thank in advance the willingness of all those who decide to answer the survey, as your voice is very valuable to us at this decisive moment. We send you all our warmest regards and hope to see you soon. We miss you.

Confuror’s Team

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