Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2024
10, 11, 12 & 13

Registration temporarily suspended, main event moved to 2022

Note on the decisions taken for the 2021 edition facing the backdrop of the pandemic in the second half of the year.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the recent circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic and thinking about the safety of our attendees in the face of the threat of a rebound of contagions, we are in the need to temporarily suspend our online registration form and move our contract with the venue from 2021 to 2022, waiting for better conditions to hold the convention as we envision it, without posing any risk to anyone. Online registration will re-open with the new rates for the 2022 edition sometime this year or early 2022. We will announce these rates and new registration dates when appropriate.

All tickets purchased during the 2020-2021 period will remain valid for the next full in-person edition of the event, which will be held during October 2022. Exact dates are pending confirmation and will be announced as soon as they become available. No action is required to transfer your current ticket to 2022.

This year we plan to hold an online event similar to the one executed during 2020, tentatively on the announced dates (October 28-31), the online activities will be public access and no registration is required to participate.

During the development of the last few months we had planned the possibility of holding a mixed convention, allowing a certain percentage of in-person attendance (less than 20% of the original estimate) along the online transmissions regulated by strict sanitary measures. However, in the last few weeks we have noticed an increase in the number of reported contagions in our country and in view of the warnings issued by the government of Jalisco (our venue state) and its health board regarding the detection of the Delta variant of the virus causing Covid-19 in the territory, we believe that the best decision is to remain exclusively online.

We know that this decision may be disappointing. We wish the situation could be different. But the best thing we can do to prevent this variant or any other from causing harm to our community or the families of our attendees is to wait a little longer to meet again.

Be very careful. Let’s not let our guard down. Take extra precautions during these months and get vaccinated if you have the possibility to do so.

Confuror’s Team

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