Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2024
10, 11, 12 & 13

Attende Code of Conduct

Last update September 2022

Adherence to this code of conduct ensures that you, your companions and friends have the best possible experience during the convention. Maintaining these guidelines benefits us all.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to deny or revoke access to the convention to any individual at any time at its discretion and in the interest of the safety or well-being of all participants.

1) You must wear your official convention badge at all times. It is your pass to enter the halls and events.

  • 1.1) If you are a minor you must be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian; or have their explicit authorization for someone else to escort you; or have their explicit authorization for you to attend unaccompanied. The only way to verify this is through the parent or guardian consent forms.
  • 1.2) If requested by the staff, you must show and make evident the badge. As well as any additional identification or validation that may be requested.
  • 1.3) The possession and validity of the badge is subject to compliance with the rules in this document. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to invalidate or destroy a badge if it considers that the holder has misused it, if their actions have compromised the safety of the event and its attendees, or if their behavior is not conducive to good coexistence.

2) Always wear appropriate clothing! Remember that Confuror is an event for everyone.

  • 2.1) The garments you wear must not reveal, highlight or simulate genitalia or nipples, regardless of the person’s sex or gender.
  • 2.2) The use of accessories such as masks, harnesses or necklaces, whether part of a complementary costume for a fursuit or any other type of costume, is permitted at any time as long as they are worn over appropriate clothing or fursuit.
  • 2.3) Accessories such as: straps or items that facilitate being dragged or led by the neck; or items that project a specifically sexual use; or items or symbols that promote hate speech or illegal practices may not be included in the costumes.
  • 2.4) The parameters of acceptable attire may be modified under specific conditions and during singular activities only under explicit indication of the staff or the instructions of a given activity. In no case will a change in the parameters of acceptable attire will allow for changes in the appropriate behavior of the attendees.

3) It is strictly forbidden to carry any weapon or illegal item. As well as any object that can be used to harm someone.

  • 3.1) It is forbidden to throw objects at assistants, even if they are wearing fursuits or the objects are considered soft.
  • 3.2) You must take care that the accessories of your fursuit or costume are not capable of causing cuts or punctures to you or other attendees. If the staff asks you to put away something that in their opinion could be dangerous, you must comply.
  • 3.3) Carrying, offering or consuming illegal substances is prohibited. Any detection of illegal substances will be referred to the corresponding authorities.
  • 3.4) The carrying of illegal substances, harmful substances, weapons or artifacts that can be used to harm others will be taken as a serious offense that will be referred to the appropriate authorities and taken to its ultimate consequences. It is worth mentioning that such incidence will represent a lifetime denial of access to the event in any future edition, even if no evidence of use is presented; the offense will be committed by possession.

4) Be respectful of other attendees and their privacy. Don’t be a “creeper” and remember that NO means NO.

  • 4.1) Seek good social interaction practices when meeting new people. Introduce yourself by name, be respectful at all times, don’t make rash requests or ask questions, and don’t insist upon any refusals.
  • 4.2) Respect people’s right to request distance, solitude or silence. Some people are more sociable than others, try not to pressure those who are introverted and protect their space.
  • 4.3) If someone has made you uncomfortable or distrustful, communicate this as gently as possible; make your boundaries clear and walk away. Depending on the seriousness of the situation or recurrence, you can approach any staff member for assistance.
  • 4.4) Respect the dress and identity of others. Their cultural origins, their background and their person in general. If during the event you feel discriminated by any mean, report the situation to the staff. Help us to create a space for all people.
  • 4.5) If you wish to take photos in general spaces or record video, be sure to let everyone aware of this. Before recording or taking a photo of someone specific, whether a fursuiter or not, explicitly ask for their consent. Do not assume that everyone wants to be filmed or photographed at all times.
  • 4.6) Hugs or other gestures of physical interaction should be expressed to your friends and relations only with their explicit consent. Do not invade the personal space of strangers or engage in physical gestures with anyone who has not given you their explicit and enthusiastic consent.

5) Take care of your behavior in the public spaces of the convention. Make sure that your fun does not involve excesses that may harm or inconvenience others.

  • 5.1) Moderate the noise you can generate, try not to carry instruments or devices that produce excessive noise.
  • 5.2) Behavior that insinuates or manifests a sexual act is not permitted in public spaces. This includes jokes or sexual allusions for the purpose of mockery.
  • 5.3) If someone exhibits bad behavior or initiates verbal aggression, report it immediately to the event staff. Do not respond or escalate the conflict or allow it to escalate to greater severity.

6) Smoking, including electronic cigarettes and vaporizers, is not permitted in the common areas of the event or in the rooms.

  • 6.1) If you wish to smoke, you may do so in the designated smoking areas of the hotel.
  • 6.2) Cigarettes or vaporizer cartridges must not contain illegal substances; in case of detection of illegal substances, they will be referred to the corresponding authorities.

7) Alcohol consumption is allowed only in authorized areas and only for people over 18 years old. Be responsible with your consumption and that of those around you.

  • 7.1) Minors are not allowed in areas where alcohol consumption is authorized.
  • 7.2) Identification proving age of majority must be presented at the entrance to these areas.
  • 7.3) Be careful not to exceed your limits. Your convention experience and that of those accompanying you may be at stake. If you exceed your alcohol consumption limits, you may take home a bad experience and put your health and physical integrity at risk.

8) You must not carry or use elements or materials that may damage the venue facilities.

  • 8.1) No elements may be glued or nailed, or fixed by any method to the floor, walls or furniture of the hotel. Before installing anything you need, ask for assistance from the staff, they are here to help and advise you.
  • 8.2) It is forbidden to stay overnight in common areas or convention spaces at the end of the convention hours.
  • 8.3) The entrance of pets or companion animals is conditioned under the hotel’s policies. If due to a clinical condition there is an authorization and need to be accompanied by a service animal, special permission must be requested from the hotel management. Confuror cannot intervene or manage this process.

9) Be hospitable to our international attendees. Make them feel welcome in our country. Respect their language or accent, and if you cannot communicate well with them, try to let them know politely.

  • 9.1) If you detect that a foreigner requires assistance and you are unable to provide it, direct them to staff members who can assist them.
  • 9.2) Confuror is your home and also the home of all those who visit us from far away. Let’s make sure that this meeting point is suitable and pleasant for everyone.

10) 6-2-1 rule to enjoy your convention to the fullest: 6 hours of sleep minimum; 2 or more meals a day. At least 1 shower per day.

  • 10.1) Seriously, take care of your sleeping hours and your meals. Avoid bad habits that can have consequences on your health.
  • 10.2) Maintain as much as possible the hygiene of your body and the spaces of the event. For the health and comfort of all.
  • 10.3) Try to use masks whenever possible. As well as gel and hand washing. Beyond the pandemic, it can help us prevent the spread of diseases that we do not want to take home.
  • 10.4) If you are staying at the venue, take the greatest possible care in the cleanliness of your room. Convention days increase the workload of the hotel’s cleaning and housekeeping staff, so help us to leave a good impression.
  • 10.5) Health tip: Take care of yourself and your loved ones. If you have an active sex life, be responsible with it, use condoms and try to get tested periodically, especially if you have sex with different people.

This code of conduct is not exhaustive. Having fun is important but use common sense: if something is not present in the text it does not mean that it is consequently allowed. Take care of those around you, have fun and enjoy being at home.

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