Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2024
10, 11, 12 & 13

Terms of Service

Last update March 2023

By signing up for Confuror 2020, you agree to the following terms of service from Vidafur’s organizing committee in order to provide your access for the convention and the additional benefits that you may have acquired along with it. Also declare that you will be aware of any notification upon the adjustment of these terms.

1) Offline payments

  • 1.1) In case you have selected payment by transfer, deposit or PayPal Invoice during the registration, the cost of your registration must be paid within a period no longer than 2 business days after receiving the email with the information of bank accounts or Invoice of Paypal. Otherwise, the registration will be canceled and increases to the rate or loss of availability may apply.

2) Refunds and transfers

  • 2.1) In case of requesting a refund in cash, fares charged by the registration system (RegFox, 1% + $ 0.99 usd) or any electronic payment processor involved (Paypal, Stripe 3.6% + $ 3.00 mxn) can not be reimbursed. As well as any bank commission that the transaction could generate.

  • 2.2) If any refund is requested, we will be offer to transfer the balance paid to the event to a later edition. In case the assistant accepts, a discount code will be provided to deduct the current balance in their further registration for the inmediate next edition the attendee registered for.

  • 2.3) The deadline for refund requests is September 1st at 00:00 hrs (GMT-06: 00) of the current year in wich the payment was done. After that date Confuror cannot issue any form of reimbursements due to production costs already covered.

  • 2.4) If you are unable to attend the convention, you may request the shipment of the items included in your membership (T-shirt or other gifts, as specified) to any desired address; international shipment fare covered by Confuror cannot exceed $300mxn ($15 USD, approx). This service can be claimed in any date between September 1st and December 31 of the current year. Availability of Sizes and models cannot be guaranteed for items requested after the event has concludeed; we will send the most approximated ones. After December 31, items availability cannot be guaranteed at all. The shipping period may be up to one month after the items has been requested; every shipment will be made after the convention ends.

  • 2.5) Any transaction will be processed according to the current exchange rate. Confuror is not responsible for fluctuations in the exchange rate that arise.

  • 2.6) Refunds cannot be issued for tickets purchased using promotional coupons, prize coupons or balance coupons from previous events. Unless the coupon utilized was not covering 100% of the cost of the ticket, in which case, only the amount equivalent to the difference paid at the time of registration may be refunded.

3) Changes or updates to information

  • 3.1) Due to production times, changes to the data entered will not be accepted after September 1 of the current year. This apply but not limits to Assistant data, Badge name, T-shirt sizes and gift design selections.

4) Force Majeure

  • 4.1) In the case of force majeure, Vidafur and Confuror exempt themselves from all obligations regarding the outcome of the event. Causes of force majeure include any circumstance beyond the control of the organizing committee that prevents permanent or temporary compliance with the realization of the event. May be natural catastrophes, fire at the headquarters or its surroundings, health emergencies or serious disturbances, such as war, danger of war, government regulations, riots, strikes and transportation difficulties that affect the organization of the event or its suppliers.
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