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October 2024
10, 11, 12 & 13

Introducing our charity guest organization for Confuror 2023

We are celebrating the International Otter Day with a surprise for Confuror 2023.

Today is International Otter Day! And we are pleased to introduce you to our charity organization 2023: Nutrias de Mexico.

Nutrias de Mexico seeks to promote the conservation and study of otters in our country, through scientific research, integration of local communities and environmental education.

Dr. Pablo Hernandez from Nutrias de México

With the presence of Dr. Pablo Hernández, representative of Nutrias de México, biologist and PhD in systematics and biodiversity, Member and Central American coordinator of the Otter Specialist Group at IUCN.

During Confuror 2023 you can help the otters! Attend their activities, donate or support with art at our auction.

Nutrias de México - Charity guest organization for Confuror 2023

-Khaos Coyote, Charity Director,
Confuror 2023

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