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October 2023
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Regulation for exhibition and sales, 2023

If you want to apply for any of our sale or exhibition categories, you should read carefully this regulation to be prepared. Last revision June 2022.

Artists and vendors participation in any of the sales or exhibition categories is conditioned to the acceptance and compliance of these terms and conditions, without exceptions..

By “Authorized Spaces” we mean the spaces designated within the convention venue for stand assembly and/or item displaying, in any of the available categories; which are Dealers Den, Artist Alley, Night Market and Art Show.

Within the Authorized Spaces, there are the Main spaces, which are those oriented to public of all ages (Dealers Den, Artist Alley and Art Show during the day), and the Adult Spaces (Night Market and Art Show during the night), which are those oriented to people over 18 years old.

An “exhibition” is a set of items available for sale or presentation in the above-mentioned categories, regardless of their nature or format.

The rules and guidelines here exposed have been written with the intention of promoting the best experience in the exhibitions development. Each participant is responsible for his/her exhibition, so Confuror and its organizing committee are not responsible for their operations, content or affectations of any kind caused by them.

1. General Terms

  • 1.1 All aspirants to any of the sales or exhibition Confuror activities must submit an application in a timely manner according to the guidelines of the corresponding categories, using complete and verifiable data. The acceptance of such application will be subject to the terms of these rules and regulations and to the staff evaluation. Confuror reserves the right to admit or reject any application according to its nature, presented materials, or the convention convenience. The decision of the committee responsible for this evaluation will be unappealable.

  • 1.2 All aspirants to any of the sales or exhibition Confuror activities with an accepted application must cover their corresponding registration fee within the dates indicated and trough the established payment method, in order to become a “Participant”. Otherwise, their application may be cancelled and they may lose their assigned place.

  • 1.3 Participants should report themselves during the agreed days and times. As well as to comply in the best way with any offer or agreement made to our convention attendees. The noncompliance of this could imply a lifetime suspension of their participation in future sales or exhibition activities.

  • 1.4 Exhibits for selling items will not be allowed outside of the authorized spaces. Any exhibit for sales purposes that does not have an explicit authorization by the Confuror Board of Directors will be removed and may cause the suspension of the convention access badge. Deliveries or exchanges agreed upon by electronic means are exempt.

  • 1.5 The space allocated per application must be respected. Assembly must not exceed the permitted dimensions or invade surrounding spaces in any way. Nor must it contravene the venue regulations for display installations. If the assembly requires adhesive or perforating materials, the staff must be consulted before installation. Any damage to the venue’s furniture caused by the assembly or operation of the exhibition must be covered by the application holder.

  • 1.6 The elements conforming the exhibition must adhere to the guidelines described in the section of “Allowed items” according to the corresponding category, otherwise, corrective actions will be requested. Recurrence may result in a total exhibition suspension.

  • 1.7 The owners and participants of the sales area agree to comply with the guidelines described in these regulations and to abide by the indications of the staff regarding the assembly or operation of their exhibition. Confuror reserves the right to suspend any exhibition that in our opinion does not comply with these rules, without any responsibility for compensation.

2. Allowed items

  • 2.1 In order to be admitted and to maintain their exhibition consent, the items listed by applicants in their submission and exhibition must comply with the following criteria:
    • 2.1.a Must be Furry related; items provided must be Furry-themed or in some way related to the Furry Fandom. Being furry-theme defined as anything containing elements or characters with a zoomorphic aesthetic, or derived from animals, including real or fantastic species. As well as artifacts or devices that fulfill some purpose in the Fandom or result interesting for the community.
    • 2.1.b Must be suitable for all ages / responsible handling; No items with adult content or purpose will be allowed to be displayed in the main spaces. Any material exhibited in plain view must be suitable for the entire public. In case of having materials that are not suitable for general audience, they must be handled with responsibility and follow the guidelines exposed in the section of “Sensitive Content “.
    • 2.1.c Copyright and originality; operators must possess the copyright or explicit authorization to exploit the graphic resources, designs and creations presented as merchandise or included in the same, as well as any material that belongs to its exhibition. Articles containing prints of scenes from registered works or illustrations of third parties are prohibited. Confuror disclaims any conflict arising from the inappropriate use of copyright in the materials that vendors or artists introduce to the event.
  • 2.2 The rules on prohibited items stated in the Convention Code of Conduct apply to sale items as well, without exception. Any material whose operation represents a safety or health risk to attendees is prohibited..
  • 2.3 In the main spaces, it is forbidden to carry, exhibit or sell accessories or artifacts that have a sexual or erotic purpose. Those articles that promote sexual health practices are exempt as long as they are distributed free of charge and there is previous staff authorization for it.
  • 2.4 Applications containing original creative material will be given preference. Applications containing articles of an industrial or purely commercial nature will be kept on hold and Confuror will reserve the right to authorize them.

3. Sensitive content

  • 3.1 All content that includes total or partial nudity, as well as erotic elements, explicit sexuality, extreme violence or drug use, is considered sensitive in nature.
  • 3.2 Graphic material used in the exhibition decoration or displayed on the exhibition items must be suitable for the entire public and not be of a sensitive nature, as described above.
  • 3.3 It will not be permitted to promote the availability of commissions with sensitive content by displaying samples of the same or describing them explicitly. Details for requested commissions of this nature must be dealt privately and must not be produced while bein at the main spaces of the convention.
  • 3.4 In order to allow its exhibition, any printed items of a sensitive nature must be contained in a folder clearly labelled as “for adults only “ or “+18” and superficially censored, so that when leafing through the folder the sensitive elements are not directly exposed. If the form or composition of the items does not allow it to be contained in a folder, it must remain hidden and may not be displayed; its promotion or sale must be carried out as discreetly as possible.
  • 3.5 Publications such as books, comics, fanzines or magazines whose content is focused on adults or is considered of a sensitive nature may be exhibited only if the front and back covers of these works do not show sensitive content, or it is censored in their entirety.
  • 3.6 Permission for reviewing or acquiring printed items with sensitive content should be conditional upon verification of the attendees’ age of majority. Exhibitors shall be responsible for requesting official identification that proves their age before granting access to these materials or carrying out any transaction involving them. The omission of this verification will be considered a serious fault and may mean the definitive suspension of the exhibition.
  • 3.7 The delivery of items whose content or purpose is of a sensitive nature must be made with opaque packaging or bags. The use of paper/cardboard bags is recommended to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • 3.8 All material belonging to the assembly or exhibition that takes place in the spaces designated for adults is exempt from censorship, concealment and age verification. In such spaces and only in them, it will be allowed to offer or produce commissions with sensitive content; as well as to exhibit or offer accessories or artifacts that have a sexual or erotic purpose.

4. Category specific rules

The following rules only apply for their corresponding category.

  • 4.1 Dealers Den:
    • 4.1.a In order to submit an application to the Dealers Den and hold the exhibition, you must be registered as a convention attendee and be over 18 years old. In case the application is not accepted and the applicant wishes to cancel his registration to the event, he may do so under the conditions of our current terms of service.
    • 4.1.b The “Sales Assistant” badges will be given out at the beginning of the event. They will grant access to the sales space only and cannot be used to visit other areas of the convention. In case of theft or loss, the replacement of these badges will have an extra cost.
    • 4.1.c The maximum number of operators allowed per display is 3 for a single table and 6 for a double table. This includes any person behind the counter, whether the table owner, a registered member of the collective or a temporary assistant.
    • 4.1.d At the end of the day, operators may dismantle their display in whole or partially. The room will be locked and no one will be granted access until the next day. It will be allowed to store items in each one of the booths, but Confuror does not take responsibility for them.
  • 4.2 Artist Alley:
    • 4.2.a In order to submit an application to the Artist Alley and hold the exhibition, you must be registered as a convention attendee. In case the application is not accepted and the applicant wishes to cancel his registration to the event, he may do so under the conditions of our current terms of service.
    • 4.2.b The spaces offered in the Artist Alley are individual. Therefore, only one operator will be allowed to stay per space, except for applicants who are under 18 years old, as they may be accompanied by their guardian.
    • 4.2.c If the applicant is a minor, he must present a letter in which his guardian authorizes his participation in the Artist Alley and undertakes to accompany him as his representative. The format of this letter will be provided with the application confirmation.
    • 4.2.d Exhibits will only be allowed on days assigned. The two-day participations are divided into three groups: Group A (Friday and Saturday); Group B (Saturday and Sunday); Group C (Friday and Sunday). The group will be assigned randomly after the application is confirmed. Exhibits mounted on unauthorized days will be withdrawn.
    • 4.2.e If the three-day extension fee has been covered they will automatically be assigned to group D (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Group D members may keep the same space during the three days, while Group A, B and C members must choose their space upon arrival. Availability of space is guaranteed for everyone on each day.
    • 4.2.f Groups A, B and C, as well as Group D must completely dismantle their exhibitions at the end of the day and remove all their items, as the Artist Alley room may be used for a different activity during the night. No items would be allowed to be stored in this space.
  • 4.3 Night Market:
    • 4.3.a In order to submit an application to the Night Market and hold the exhibition, you must be registered as a convention attendee and be over 18 years old. In case the application is not accepted and the applicant wishes to cancel his registration to the event, he may do so under the conditions of our current terms of service.
    • 4.3.b Booths offered at the Night Market has single or double seats. Therefore, only one or two operators will be allowed to stay per booth.
    • 4.3.c Exhibiting content of a sensitive nature, offering or producing commissions with sensitive content; as well as exhibiting or offering accessories or artifacts that have a sexual or erotic purpose will be permitted in this space.
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