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October 2024
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Comunicado de la Dirección de Caridad

Seeking complete transparency in the face of doubts that have recently arisen in social networks, the Confuror Charity Department would like to share a little more about its work.

Since 2018 Confuror has sought to contribute to the global initiative of the furry community to support conservation projects and protection of fauna, wildlife and the natural environment, recognizing this interest as a remarkable aspect of furry conventions, large or small. For this purpose, year after year we have invited different organizations focused on natural conservation work or projects, helding fundraisers within the convention program, in which the staff and local or remote attendees have participated.

As Charity Director at Confuror, assuming this position since 2019, I would like to clarify some doubts and open a door of dialogue on this topic:

Who is in charge of managing the charitable donation process at Confuror?

From 2019 to date I have been the lead person on the Confuror Charity team. I select, invite organizations, plan fundraising events, contact artists and interested collectors, organize the charity auction, and am in constant contact with the organizations.

Some of you may recognize me from previous editions. I am a Master in Biological Sciences, a member of the Mexican gray wolf conservation project and a specialist in the behavioral management of wildlife under human care.

My work at Confuror is voluntary and at no time have I received financial compensation for it; donating my knowledge, my skills and my time.

Who receives and manages the money collected?

The money is received by the invited organization through the bank accounts previously provided by them. During face-to-face events, where money is given in cash, it is the representatives of the invited organization who receive, count and report the total amount at the end of the event. At no time does Confuror receive money in its accounts or manage the cash collected.

Confuror’s finances have never been linked, in any way, with charitable donations. The two are completely independent.

How are organizations selected and how do I know they are real?

Organizations are selected based on the following criteria:

  • The organization must work in the conservation, rehabilitation and/or environmental education of wildlife in Mexico.
  • The organization must have social networks and/or web page where it disseminates and demonstrates its current and ongoing work.
  • The organization must have an active project for which they need funds and are committed to use the proceeds for that project.
  • One year after the fundraising, the organization must commit to present evidence of the completed project or its progress.
  • The organization must be able to attend the event and commit to offer two or more environmental education talks and/or workshops for attendees.

All the organizations invited to date are in the UMAs (“Environmental management units” in spanish, as designed acronym for protected properties for natural conservations) or NGO databases in México. And all have active social networks. The organizations invited in 2019, 2020 and 2021 are UMAs, so they are established in properties and are open to the general public Anyone can visit them!.

Why can’t I currently find the charity section of Confuror’s official website?

As mentioned above, the Charity’s guest organization changes every year. Currently, the organization that will be present in 2023 has already been selected, so the section with the previous organization’s information has been hidden to avoid confusion. The page is being updated to announce the new organization very soon.

Fotos proporcionadas por las organizaciones invitadas de Caridad 2018-2022.

I am all about complete transparency! I want the Furry community to continue to collaborate with the organizations and people who dedicate our lives to the conservation and protection of wildlife in Mexico.

As the current Charity Director at Confuror, I am committed to answer any questions you may have through Confuror’s social networks and communication channels, so don’t hesitate to write to me!

-Khaos Coyote, Charity Director,
Confuror 2023

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