Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2023
19, 20, 21 & 22

Confuror 2023 has new venue and dates!

Confuror 2023 venue changes and its dates are moved forward one weekend! From October 19th to 22nd. Find out more details about the reasons for the change in this press release.

Confuror 2023 will take place from October 19 to 22 at the Hotel Barceló Guadalajara, located at Av. de Las Rosas 2933, Verde Valle, 44530 Guadalajara, Jalisco, therefore changing its venue and dates, which are being moved one weekend earlier than previously announced.

New Venue and Dates: October 19 to 22, 2023; Hotel Barceló Guadalajara

At our closing ceremonies for our 2022 edition we announced the permanence at the Fiesta Americana Hotel along with the previously known dates. However, due to causes beyond our control, our reservation was displaced by the venue’s administration and when the Fiesta Americana offered to re-schedule us in their calendar, we made the decision to take a step forward, rejecting their offering and moving to the venue we were originally planning to use from 2024 onwards.

The situation we were faced with was not an easy decision and we understand that the resulting change of dates may impact the plans of many, however the options we were presented with in order to move forward with the event were to accept a forced change of dates within the Fiesta Americana or to look for the best possible dates in a new venue. Following the feedback we have received from different parties (venue, attendees and collaborators) and in recognition of the fact that the scale of the event now demands a larger space, we have decided to change the Hotel as well.

Faced with this adverse situation, we have tried to be assertive and are confident that our new home will provide us with many advantages during this and future editions of the event, such as greater availability of rates and lodging options inside and outside the venue, tourist accessibility and facilities suitable for the event with projection for many years to come.

We are very excited to return and present to you all that we will be able to bring to this new space.

Why has the venue been changed?

Due to an administrative change in the Fiesta Americana’s schedule and without prior notice, we were notified at the beginning of March that it would be necessary to change the dates of our convention. Faced with this gap, we opted to conclude our relationship with the Hotel and move to a new venue. This was in the best interest of all parties, as the growth of the event suggested that the search for a larger space was pertinent.

The new venue for Confuror 2023 will be the Hotel Barceló Guadalajara. We are very grateful for the space offered by our previous venue and so we conclude our story at the Fiesta Americana with very fond memories.

Why was the date changed?

Our original dates were not available at the new venue and neither could they be kept at the old venue. Therefore, Confuror 2023 will be held on October 19-22.

The change of dates was a difficult outcome to deal with and the decisions involved have been carefully made: we understand that this can be problematic and we very much regret any inconvenience that may result from this change.

Faced with the impossibility of keeping the original dates of the event, we made every effort to reduce the impact of this decision by seeking the closest available weekend.

When will registration for the event be available?

We are working to provide all the details for the event registration, we expect the Early Bird registration to be launched between March 15th and 22nd; the specific date when it will be open will be announced very soon along with the registration fees.

-Confuror Team
Confuror 2023

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