Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2023
19, 20, 21 & 22

Join the Artist Alley!

Read more details about how to be part of our Artist Alley at Confuror 2023.

General features

  • Two exhibition days assigned by lottery.
  • Extended operation hours (10:00am - 6:00pm).
  • Upgrade available for three days exhibition with an additional fee (subject to availability).

* Even those who have a three-day exhibition must assemble and disassemble each day, as their space will be assigned under the same dynamics as the rest of the participants and materials cannot be kept in the hall.

Requirements for participation

  • Have completed your registration to attend the convention or register to participate.
  • Be the author of the materials you will exhibit or have the rights to benefit from them.
  • Submit your Artist Alley application in a timely manner, following the registration instructions, using complete and verifiable data (You must send your application before July 15th).
  • Be on time for set-up and tear-down times as specified (Set-up from 8:00 to 10:00 am; Voluntary stay until 4:00 pm; Friday to Sunday).
  • Comply with the 2023 Regulation for exhibition and sales and the Category specific rules for the Artist Alley.
  • On your application, include sample images and description of the materials you will display in your exhibition.
  • Once approved, cover the fee for the space requested.

Table size and fares

Individual space

  • Table area of 1.22 x 0.76 meters.
  • Rear free space of 1.22 x 0.76 meters.
  • Single space, 1 seat.
  • 2 exhibition days selected by lottery.
  • One day extension for $29 USD (subject to availability)
  • Non-permanent Installation (it should be assembled and removed every day).
$55 USD if you are already registered to attend Confuror. Or;
$126 USD * if you are not registered to attend Confuror (this will cover your general registration fee).

* Fares valid until August 4. Base convention fares will vary after that date. Fares will be charged in MXN, USD conversion may vary due to currency fluctuation.
One Dat Passes available!
If you want to attend Confuror 2023 and did not pre-registered online, you can still attend with the One Day passess. Get more information at our registration page.
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