Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2023
19, 20, 21 & 22

Confuror 2023 Art Show

Showcase your best pieces in the Confuror 2023 Art Show and optionally put them up for sale or auction them for charity.

Showcase your best art in our Art Show. Exhibit your work during the convention and, if you wish, put them up for sale or donate it to the Confuror 2023 Charity Auction. 100% of the money raised by your pieces at the Charity Auction will go to our charity, Nutrias de México (Otters of Mexico).

What kinds of artwork can be submitted?

  • Graphic art pieces made from traditional media
  • High quality prints or other physical presentations of digital art pieces
  • Sculptures or models made from any structurally stable media

Submission requirements

  • All works must be of the applicant’s own authorship.
  • Any works created with AI image generators or filters will not be accepted.
  • Flat media (prints, paintings, etc.) must be submitted on a rigid backing suitable for hanging.
  • Sculptures or models must have no loose parts that could fall or get lost. If possible, it is preferred that they be contained in an acrylic or similar enclosure.

In your application, you will be asked for a preview or sample image of your artwork. In case any problems arise with the exhibition of your registered piece(s), you will be contacted to discuss alternative plans (if any). The staff reserves the right to prohibit the exhibition of any pieces that do not meet these requirements.

How can I submit my artwork?

First, you must register as a participating artist by filling out the following form with your personal information.

Then, you can register your pieces using the next form below. You must submit the form, filling in all the required fields, once for each piece you wish to enter. For example, if you are entering two pieces, then you must submit the form twice – once for each piece.

You must present your work(s) in person to the Art Show (Salón América) as early as Thursday, October 19th, at 2:00pm, or any other time while the Art Show is open (Friday to Sunday). Your work(s) may be picked up on Sunday, October 22nd, after 5:00pm or at any other time you need to along the weekend, given you provide the staff with advanced notice.

The work(s) presented must meet the requirements outlined in these guidelines in order to be exhibited. You must be present at the Art Show with your ID in order to deliver or pick up your work(s). Works that have not been registered and approved in advance by submitting the above forms cannot be exhibited. These forms will remain open until September 28th or until the available exhibition slots are filled. After registering your works, you will receive an email confirmation for their approval. Remember, you must first register as an artist and then register each of your works.

Selling your artwork

If you plan to put any of your pieces up for sale, it is crucial that you provide your contact information for us to display publicly to your potential buyers. Both the sale and profit are yours alone. Confuror will not intervene in the negotiation process, nor will it be responsible for the sale in any way. That is, Confuror will simply function as the mean to link the artist with the buyer, nothing more. In the event that one of your pieces is sold during the event, you must notify us as soon as possible in order for us to mark the work as “Sold”. All works will remain in the Art Show until the pickup time on Sunday. Only the artist who registered the artwork will be able to remove it from the Art Show.

Auction for Charity

If you choose to donate any pieces to the charity auction, the staff will bring them to the Charity Auction at the close of the Art Show. The auction will take place on Sunday at 6:00pm at the Main Stage. Each piece will be sold to the highest bidder and will be delivered to the highest bidder upon verification of payment of the amount bid. Your accreditation will be announced along with each of your pieces during the Charity Auction. 100% of the sale will be donated to charity. This percentage is not negotiable.

You will be able to specify a starting bid, and the auctioneer will try to raise the price on stage during the Charity Auction. Please note that the auctioneer may modify the starting bid as necessary in order to secure the sale. Only in the unlikely case that a piece is not sold, you will be able to pick it up again at the end of the auction by presenting your ID to the staff.

General vs adult rated artworks

The Art Show will have two sections: one open to general audiences and another restricted to adults 18 years of age or older. Pieces depicting artistic nudity or certain mild adult themes (drug use, violence, etc.) may be tolerated in the general section at the discretion of the staff. If deemed inappropriate for the general section, these works may be exhibited in the age-restricted section instead. Any pieces containing sexually explicit imagery or more extreme adult themes will go directly to the age-restricted section. The staff reserves the right to approve or deny admission of all submitted artwork into either of these sections in the Art Show.

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