Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2022
20, 21, 22 & 23

What is a volunteer?

Volunteers are people who support con-ops during the event to perform the tasks necessary for the convention to function properly. In exchange for their help, they may be creditors of various benefits during this or the next convention edition.

Being a volunteer is a commitment that involves working for a few hours in the event, so before filling out the application, check well what we request.

  • Volunteers will work 8 hours per day, divided into two 4 hours blocks, so that for every 4 hours you work supporting the event, you will have another 4 free hours to enjoy the activities available at Confuror 2022.
  • The volunteers undertake to fulfill their obligations during their working hours. The tasks that we will assign will be simple, mainly focused on visitor reception and orientation, mounting and installing props, and event monitoring.
  • Volunteers agree to appear on time in the assigned areas and not to abandon them before the end of their shift.

Register as a volunteer

To register as a volunteer fill out the form you will find in the league below. Once you do, wait for confirmation from us. We will analyze the requests based on the following points:

  • Commitment to the event.
  • Presentation and communication.
  • Experience in similar events.

In addition, language management or location will be additional criteria, since prior training will take place. If you comply with all of the above and wish to help us make Confuror a great event, fill out the form below. You have until October 14 to do so, we would love to have your help:

Volunteering FAQ

  • Can I volunteer without having a Confuror membership?
    Sure! If you missed the opportunity to get a membership online, but you want to volunteer at Confuror 2022 , you can apply. If you get selected you will have access to the event along with other benefits.
  • Can volunteers enjoy the event?
    Yes! We try not to load too many tasks so that volunteers can enjoy the event while helping to make it possible. On certain hours, they have total freedom to enjoy the convention like any other attendee.
  • What benefits do I get as a volunteer?
    The benefits can vary based on your performance as a volunteer. As mentioned, you could attend the convention even if you where not registered. Other benefits may include courtesies for further editions or exclusive souvenirs.

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Pre-Register Closed!
Online pre-registration is now closed. If you want to attend Confuror 2022 and did not pre-registered online, you can still attend with the One Day passess. Get more information at our registration page.
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