Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2020
9, 10 & 11, Online Event!

Do you want your work to be recognized? Send us your best artwork, any of your pieces are welcome, although we will give priority to those that are Lucha Libre themed. These are the requirements to participate:

  • The pieces must be an illustration or photograph related to the Furry Fandom.
  • The pieces must be SFW (suitable for all the public). Censoring NSFW (adult content) is not enough for it to be allowed.
  • You should frame your image within a 900 x 1200 pixel rectangle, (like the one shown on this page and its examples) either vertically or horizontally. It doesn’t matter if you crop or leave negative space. Just fill it with the color or decoration of your preference (don’t leave any transparent pixels).
  • Files must be JPG or PNG without transparencies.
  • Avoid placing text or text links on images, we will use interactive tags to link to your gallery or page of preference.

Imagen de 900 x 1200 pixeles

Required frame size for image

You can participate with as many images as you wish, we will try to place them all while space is available. It is very important to respect the 900 x 1200 pixels frame, as shown in the following examples. Otherwise, the images cannot be loaded in our virtual spaces.

Vertical Example (Inu Hein's Art)

Horizontal Example (Raya's Art)

Send your images by attaching them to an email to indicating that you wish to participate with the subject “Virtual Gallery 2020”. Don’t forget to include:

  • Your artists or display name
  • Links to the galleries or websites you want to promote
  • Specify “Virtual Gallery 2020” in the subject

Important: By sending your images you authorize us to promote them through our virtual spaces in VRChat and Minecraft; as well as to mention them or show them during our live broadcasting or in some commemorative gallery in social networks. Confuror will not print, get any profit, or use your artwork for any purpose other than the promotion of your work.

COVID-19 Important notice
Due to the required sanitary measures, our presential convention is postponed to 2021. Registration is maintained for new dates and remains open, get registered here.
You can also participate in our free virtual event this year, more information here.
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