Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2021
28, 29, 30 y 31

Join the Virtual Alley!

Get more details about how to participate in the Confuror 2020 Virtual Alley

This year we are launching the first edition of the Confuror Virtual Alley, hosted in our virtual worlds VRChat and Minecraft. Don’t miss the chance to be displayed there! If you registered an application before for any of our sales areas, you should have received an email with instructions to participate. But if you didn’t, you can participate too! For this occasion it is completely free and does not require any prior registration for the event.


  • The exhibition will be mounted in the Virtual Alley during October or while the worlds remain online.
  • Interactive links will be placed to the websites or social network profiles of your choice.
  • It does not require your attention or presence in the virtual space to operate.
  • Stands will appear at the same time in VRChat and Minecraft as long as there is available room (Room in Minecraft for the Virtual Alley is larger than in VRChat, so some stands will only appear there).

This is how the virtual booths will look like:



How can I participate?

Send an email to indicating that you wish to participate with the subject “Virtual Alley 2020”. Attach your artists or display name, your website links and the three images to build up the stand. They must comply with the following measures:

  • Main Banner: 1200px x 600px; This is the image that will be on the back of the stand (background).
  • Top Banner: 1200px x 300px; this the image that will be on top of the table.
  • Front Banner: 1200px x 300px; this the image that will be on the front of the table.

All images must be SFW; Censored NSFW is not allowed.

Files may be JPG or PNG with no transparencies. To ease things a little, you can download a zip file from here containing the base images shown in the examples above. To avoid registration problems, don’t forget to include this in your email:

  • Your artists or display name
  • Links to the galleries or websites you want to promote
  • Specify “Virtual Alley 2020” in the email subject
COVID-19 Important notice
Due to the required sanitary measures, our presential convention is postponed to 2021. Registration is maintained for new dates and remains open, get registered here.
You can also participate in our free virtual event this year, more information here.
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