October 11, 12 & 13 2019 | Guadalajara, México

Application for Confuror Dealers Den 2019

Present your exhibition at the Confuror Dealers Den 2019. Know more details in this page.

If you have a large stock of products or belong to a collective of artists, Dealers Den is your choice.


  • General Access to the event for the nameholder of the table.
  • Two available table layouts: Simple (1 table, 244 cm x 76 cm) and Double (2 tables, 244 x 76 cm, placed in an L shape).
  • Badges included for sales assistants (1 for simple table layouts, 2 for double tables).
  • Exhibition during the 3 days of the event.


  • Being a legal adult.
  • Being the producer of the materials you are offering or beelonging to a collective of producers.
  • Requesting a table for Dealers Den that adjusts to the size of your exhibition or budget (simple or double).
  • When applicable, indicate in the request the name of the collective you belong to, and the names of the members of said art collective who will be exhibiting material.
  • Attach, in the best possible manner, examples of all of the materials you will offer in the exposition. If its a collective art group, show examples of each one of the members involved who are to be present in the exhibition.
  • In case that the request is approved, please pay as soon as possible the corresponding fee for the space requested.
  • Wait for the assignation of a place (places to be assigned will be subject to availability).

Particular rules

  • a) When you subscribe to the Dealers Den, you accept the Sales Guidelines for Confuror and the totality of particular rules that are described below..
  • b) It will not be possible to simultaneously participate in Artist’s Alley and Dealer’s Den.
  • c) The included General Access is designated to the holder of the request for a space in the sales area. In case that the holder already has access to the event, they may receive a discount coupon valued as equivalent to the general acces fee in Pre-Sale, which can be applied on their payment for their table at the Dealers Den, or any other new registration for this event.
  • d) The “Sales Assistant” badges will be delivered to the person who made the request for a space when the event starts. They shall only grant access to the sales area and they may not be used to visit other spaces of the convention. No previoous registration of sales assistants shall be necessary. In case of theft or loss, the renewal of said badges will have an extra cost.
  • e) The maximum amount of operators allowed per exhibition is: 3 for a simple layout (single table) and 6 for a double layout (double tables, positioned in an L shape). This includes any other person behind the counter, whether it be the holder of the table, a member of the registered artist collective or a provisional assistant.
  • f) Besides the provided badges, any other person previously registered in the event may participate as a sales assistant, provided that the maximum amount of operators permitted for exhibiting stand is not exceeded.
  • g) A larger art collective may request more than one table if the amount of exhibitors to be present will exceed the maximum amount of permitted operators per exhibition.
  • h) The materials presented in this event must coincide, in the best possible way, with what has been presented in the request. In case that more exhibitors are added to the exhibition after the request has been approved, it must be notified via e-mail to our staff to keep them up to date.