October 11, 12 & 13 2019 | Guadalajara, México

Application for Confuror Artist Alley 2019

Participate in the Artist Alley of Confuror 2019 and have your work known. More details in this page.

Final artists list grouped by days

If you are an artist who plans to offer commissions, display your work or sell prints of your illustrations, Artist Alley is perfect for you.


  • Individual space, 122 x 76 cm (Half Table).
  • Exhibiting two days during the event, assigned by lottery.
  • Three dates for receiving requests: February 15, April 15, June 15.
  • Pavilion near invited artists and guests of honor.


  • Being the producer of the materials you offer.
  • Being registered in the event as a General Attendee, Sponsor or Super Sponsor (you may request your space without being registered yet, but once you have been selected to participate as a dealer or artist, you must register as soon as possible to fulfill this requirement).
  • Inscribe to the Artist Alley summons in any of the three stages for the reception of requests (February, April or June).
  • Attach to your request, examples of your work, links to your online galleries and a brief text describing why you wish to participate in the Artist Alley.
  • Wait for the final announcement. In case of being selected, cover your sign-up fee for the Artist Alley ($400 Mexican Pesos MXN; this fee is independent of the payment to register as a participant to the event).
  • Wait for group assignation and be at the venue in the corresponding dates you got.

Particular rules

  • a) When signing up for an Artists Alley place, you accept the Sales Guidelines and Rules for Confuror, and the totality of particular rules described below:
  • b) Registration for Artist Alley is individual; if you are part of a Collective and you wish to present as such, please consider sending a request to the Dealers Den instead. It won’t be possible to participate in both summons at the same time.
  • c) If you are underage, you must present a letter in which your parent(s) or tutor(s) authorize(s) your participation in the Artist Alley’s activities and they are committing themselves to be at your side as your legal representative. The format for this letter shall be provided to you alongside with the confirmation of your request.
  • d) Only one person per place shall be allowed in the Artist Alley. With the exception of underage participants who must be accompanied by their parent/s or tutor/s at all time.
  • e) You may only participate in the activities for the days you were assigned, depending on your Artist Alley group: Group A (Friday and Saturday); Group B (Saturday and Sunday); Group C (Friday and Sunday).
  • f) If you are not chosen, your request will remain on hold and will be considered in the next dictaminatiions (April or June, depending on the case).
  • g) Available spaces in the Artist Alley zone shall be assigned in the order of arrival to the venue. No saving places for others is permitted.
  • h) You must unmount your stand by the end of the day. No items are allowed to be left behind in the Artist Alley area even if your assigned group will participate next day.

Selected Artists

The artists selected so far to participate in Artist Alley during Confuror 2019 are listed below. Participation days for the selected artists will be assigned by groups later.

Selection I, April

Selection II, June

Selection III, September