October 11, 12 & 13 2019 | Guadalajara, México

Exhibitors application

In Confuror 2018 we provide space for your ideas to be shared. Become an exhibitor and create an unforgettable panel. Keep reading to find how.

Become an exhibitor and show us your abilities, share your work and trajectory or comunicate your ideas to the atendees of Confuror 2019. If you are ready fill up the form behind the link at the bottom of this page, detailing the content of your panel and its needs.

Deadline for Panel registration: Sunday August 18, 2019.


  • You must be registered in the event as an attendee.
  • Provide required contact data as exhibitor trough the form.
  • Provide the data of the panel on the form, detailing in the best possible way the activity to be carried out or the topic to be treated.
  • Properly indicate in the form if the panel content includes adult material or topics.

Rules and restrictions

  • Event rules and code of conduct apply to the panel content.
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages inside panels is not allowed.
  • Smoking inside panels installations is not allowed as well, this include electronic cigarettes and vaporizers.
  • All panel proposals are subject to staff review and approval.

Schedule and time

In the form you will be allowed to indicate a preferred day and time, however, the final schedule allocation will depend on the availability of the spaces in which your panel or proposed activity can be executed.

Confuror 2019 available execution blocks are:

  • Single: 50 minutes for execution + 10 minutes for transition.
  • Double: 110 minutes for execution + 10 minutes for transition.
  • Triple: 170 minutes for execution + 10 minutes for transition.

You can not request execution blocks shorter or larger than those listed. It is not necessary for a panel or activity to cover the 100% of the allotted time, but it must not invade the time indicated as transition time. Exhibitors or host must attend the instructions from the volunteers regarding the time marks.

You have until August 18 to submit your proposals, you can register as many as you wish. We will make the selection once the application is closed and you will be notified if your panel was chosen to appear in Confuror 2019.

If your panel is chosen, you must send the digital materials for your presentation via email to the address that we indicate to you in your confirmation response before september 15th.