October 11, 12 & 13 2019 | Guadalajara, México

About panels at Confuror

Conferences, Workshops and Meetings. Keep reading to know more details about panels available at Confuror and how to participate.

What is a panel?

One of the most relevant things that happen inside a furry convention are the panels. A panel is usually a group of people joined together to chat, analyze and discuss a topic, but in furry conventions, panels are also used to socialize and share different experiences. Them are mostly presented in these forms:

  • Conferences with aperture for discussion.
  • Reunions summoned around a topic or fanbase for species, artists, fursuit makers, hobbies, or;
  • Small workshops from a variety of artistic disciplines.

Even when panels are hosted in the convention spaces, the content is provided by the attendees who proposed and presented their ideas. If you are thinking in something that could turn into a great panel, keep reading to know how can you become an expositor at Confuror 2019.

Panels and activities at Confuror

In Confuror we have extended the panel concept to “Panels and Activities”, considering the following categories:

  • Conference or talk
  • Meeting
  • Work presentation
  • Discussion round tables
  • Workshops
  • Game or group activity
  • Tournament


One or several speakers are at the head of the group with the purpose of sharing they knowledge or experience on a topic.


  • Themed exposition.
  • Live interviews.
  • Technical demonstrations (Non practical classes).


One or several hosts summons a group of people that share a common thing with the purpose of meeting up and socialize.


  • Group meetings.
  • Artist/fursuiters meet & greets.

Work presentation:

The session features a work or collection of works that will be shown to the public.


  • Art shows.
  • Book or publication presentation.
  • Event presentation.
  • Videogame or development presentation.

Discussion round tables:

There is no speaker but a host or moderator who invites a group of people interested in listening and sharing their opinion on a proposed topic.


  • Structured debates.
  • Open forums for conversation on a topic.


One or several exhibitors direct the session teaching some artistic technique to attendees and putting it into practice.


  • Demonstration of techniques with practice.
  • Manual recreational activities.

Game or group activity

One or several hosts direct the session coordinating a game or physical activity.


  • Table tops.
  • Fursuit games.
  • Group games.
  • Dance workshops.


One or several hosts direct the session coordinating a tournament based on game or physical activity.


  • Videogame tournaments.
  • Dancing challenges.
  • Table top tournaments.

If the above has caught your interest and you have any idea you could turn into a panel, follow the instructions on the following link to register your proposal and become an exhibitor of Confuror 2019.