October 11, 12 & 13 2019 | Guadalajara, México

Confuror Club Pass

Live the full experience at Confuror 2019 with the bests rooms in an exclusive floor.

Confuror 2019 comes with a brand new and exclusive access category. Confuror Club Pass is the convention full experience, with general admission included for you and a companion, plus a room for three nights in an exclusive area of ​​the hotel, the Fiesta Club floor.

Confuror Club Pass contents

  • Double general admission (for you and a companion).
  • Spacious room in the exclusive Fiesta Club floor, near the night scene of Confuror 2019.
  • Special welcome gift with a Mexican flavor.
  • Personalized invitation for the Presidential Suite party.

Big events and great personalities around the corner, 24 hours a day. The number of rooms available through Confuror Club Pass is very limited (17 rooms) so do not wait any longer and get yours by following these steps.

  1. Join the telegram group of Confuror Club Pass through the following link: https://t.me/joinchat/CjOERFeAt708eLmuUiZRrw
  2. Read the anchored instructions where all benefits of Confuror Club Pass are described in detail and if you still have any questions or doubts, you can clarify them in that same group.
  3. Once you are ready to purchase your Club Pass, ask to be contacted privately to the group administrator to collect your registration data and provide payment methods. Take into account that the payment must be made in full to guarantee your room.
  4. Once the payment is made, send a photo, capture, or scan the voucher to vidafur.reg@gmail.com and notify the group administrator. You are already inside the Club!

Club Pass frequently asked questions

  • May I have Sponsor or Super Sponsor admission with Confuror Club Pass?
    Totally yes! Just upgrade your access to any of these categories once you have purchased your Confuror Club Pass. You will keep your exclusive benefits plus those that come along with the upgrade to Sponsor or Super Sponsor.
  • Can I stay more than three nights in this room?
    Yes! But it is subject to availability, you can also book additional nights in another room of the hotel and transfer to your room in the Fiesta Club floor during the nights of the convention.
  • Can I stay with more people in my Fiesta Club room?
    Yes! The third person in advance has an extra cost, same that will have to be covered in reception when making your check-in. You do not need to worry at the moment for the cost of extra companions.