October 11, 12 & 13 2019 | Guadalajara, México

Art and stories for Confuror 2019 Conbook

Your art and stories have a place reserved in our Conbook. Keep reading to know more.

Confuror is looking for authors wiling to share their original works to the event community. Whether they are illustrations, photos, stories or articles, you can submit your work to be published in a printed edition that will be distributed for free to every attendee.

The Conbook is yours

Selected works will be published with non-exclusive printing rights. Wich means that the artists or authors can publish their submitted works at any other time or medium, since they keep all the rights and accreditation of their work.

Submission requirements and instructions

In order to participate, your submission files must be sent in digital format and complying with the requirements described below, before august 15 2019. Our convention theme is “Mr. Maws Mysteria Freakshow” it resembles circus, freakshows and fairs of wonder from the earlier years of the twentieth century. Submissions which complement this theme may be given priority.

All submissions should be in the “G” to “PG-13” rating.

Illustrations and photos:

  • Files must be on high resolution at 300 dpi or higher, in formats JPEG, PNG, PDF or TIFF.
  • It must be original art of your own authorship.
  • No fanarts.
  • Sketches will not be approved - We may accept grayscale pictures as long as they look as a finished piece of work.

Stories and articles:

  • Text submissions may be sent as TXT, DOC or PDF.
  • No fanfiction.
  • Maximum length of 1500 words.

Required data and mail for submissions

To submit your files, send them by e-mail with the following information:

  • Your real name.
  • Your name to display with the submission(s) (if you desire to use your real name, please specify).
  • Social network, gallery or web page where you’d want people to contact you.
  • An image that can be used as an Icon or Avatar to represent you in the credits page of the Conbook.
  • Attached file names.
  • Submission Title(s).

Use the subject “Submission for Confuror 2019 Conbook” and send the e-mail to conbookconfuror@gmail.com.

You can participate with more than one submission in the same Email, but the selection of submissions will be individual. By sending your files and information, you agree to the terms and conditions as stated in this Confuror 2019 Conbook Submission Guidelines and hereby grant Confuror non-exclusive rights to publish the submissions in accordance with those guidelines.

Aunque podrás participar con una o más piezas, la selección se hará por pieza. Al enviar tus archivos y datos, estás de acuerdo en los términos de la convocatoria y en que usemos tus archivos para publicarlos en el Conbook de Confuror 2019, sin fines de lucro y con derechos de impresión no exclusivos.


Thank you very much for your interest in our Conbook and Good luck!