Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2020
9, 10 & 11, Online Event!

Along with our broadcasting, you will be able to enter this virtual world and explore part of Confuror’s venue and interact with other users.

It is not necessary to have a virtual reality viewer to use the platform, you can log in from your computer, move your avatar and chat with other people. If you don’t have the application installed yet, you may download it for free from its official site or Steam, sign up and get ready to enter Confuror VRChat World in the next few days.

Confuror VRChat World

More information about VRChat and how to download it at its official website

Official Cyberwere website, Confuror VRChat World’s sponsor.

How to access Confuror VRChat world?

If you don’t have VRChat installed yet or don’t know how to get it and access Confuror’s virtual world, our friend Kreic explains you how:

COVID-19 Important notice
Due to the required sanitary measures, our presential convention is postponed to 2021. Registration is maintained for new dates and remains open, get registered here.
You can also participate in our free virtual event this year, more information here.
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