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October 2022
20, 21, 22 & 23

What is a panel?

One of the main features of a furry convention are the panels. Any content proposed by the community that is presented during the convention is considered a panel. In Confuror they are classified as:

  • Conferences or talks
  • Meetings
  • Releases and work presentations
  • Round tables
  • Workshops
  • Group games or activities
  • Tournaments (Video Games or Board Games)

Although panels are housed in the convention space, attendants are the ones who propose and present their content. If you are looking forward to host any activity during Confuror, continue reading to find out more.

Panels and activities at Confuror Online 2021

During Confuror 2021 you will be able to host two different types of activities:

  • Panels: public live broadcasting
  • Room parties: private and limited broadcasting

Panels are live streams that we will link from wherever you are to broadcast on our streaming channels to the entire audience of Confuror 2020. Boradcasting will be done during an assigned schedule in blocks of one hour minimum duration, with half hour increments. If your content is of a sensitive nature or contains adult themes, it will be broadcasted through an alternative medium with an age-limited audience.

Confuror 2021 Room Parties are voice rooms that would enable for meetings, interactive activities, round tables or videogames. If your activity is is a suitable candidate to play as a Room Party you will be the host of the room and any Confuror assistant will be able to join as long as there is availability (room limit is 50 people). The Room Party duration will depend on your availability as the content host.

If you believe that your content idea can fit into any of the above categories, please upload your proposal to the form that appears by clicking on the following button. You have until October 4th to submit your proposals:

COVID-19 Important notice
Due to the required sanitary measures, our presential convention is postponed again, now to 2022. Registration is maintained for new dates.

You can also participate in our free virtual event this year, more information soon.
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