Guadalajara, Jalisco. México
October 2020
9, 10 & 11, Online Event!

Alongside our webcasts, you will be able to enter this virtual world and explore the entire Confuror venue hotel and its surroundings, find the hidden cameras and play in the game area in the different arenas that have been prepared.

Our server is pleased to welcome all Minecraft players. If you don’t have a user, you can get the application from its official site. Register and get ready to enter Confuror Minecraft World in the next days.

Confuror Minecraft World

More information about Minecraft and how to get it at its official website:

Special thanks to all our server builders and support team:

  • Arthy Wolfire
  • Dukk Vulpes
  • Ricius Teck
  • Rockey Pawsy
  • Rom Howler
  • Snarty Fox Paws

Thank you for making this experience possible.

Connection requirements

  • Lanucher Premium or non Premium
  • Minecraft Java: 1.15.2
  • Access to multiplayer option
  • Add the server
  • Or the mirror server

And that’s it! You should be able to access it. Once inside follow the Minecraft chat instructions.

For detailed information, check out the tutorial video that our friend Snarty Fox sent us

COVID-19 Important notice
Due to the required sanitary measures, our presential convention is postponed to 2021. Registration is maintained for new dates and remains open, get registered here.
You can also participate in our free virtual event this year, more information here.
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