October 11, 12 & 13 2019 | Guadalajara, México

Rules and guidelines for the Fursuit Dance Competition.

It is time to move the body on the dance floor and succeed! This contest is adequate for every age, and everyone may participate; no previous experience is required in fursuit dancing or performing. Sign ups will remain open until september 30. Let’s get that fluff moving!

Registration can be done in one of the following categories:

  • Solo with Partial Fursuit (1 dancer - Head, hands, feet and/or tail)
  • Solo with Full Fursuit (1 dancer - Full fursuit)
  • Group (from 2 to 5 dancers per group)


  1. Participants must have a confirmed registration in Confuror 2019. Registrant ID will be required. Registration will be canceled if this information cannot be verified.
  2. Be very careful and certain of which category do you want to participate in; this can not be modified later.
  3. Carefully fill in the inscription format before September 30, 2019. Once signups have been closed no more registrations will be accepted.
  4. For the “Group” category, a representative or leader must complete the registration form (only one form per group), paying attention to the fields where he is instructed to provide the details of the members and the name they will carry as a team.
  5. Provide a music track through a download link (dropbox, Google drive or public link), it must comply with the requirements specified in the section “Music track guidelines.
  6. If you have enrolled in an Individual category (Partial Fursuit or Full Fursuit), you must present yourself on the assigned pre-qualifying date. See the Pre-qualifiers section below.
  7. In each participation, the contestants must be ready and in place at least 10 minutes in advance of their the corresponding room and schedule, wearing the full or partial fursuit that them will use to participate.

To be considered as a formally registered contestant, you have to meet all the requirements listed above and have received a confirmation email.

Pre-qualifiers for solo categories:

Every contestant from the Solo with partial Fursuit or Solo with Full Fursuit must compete in a pre-qualifying stage, which will be assigned at the time of registration. The dates scheduled for this are Friday, October 11 and Saturday, October 12. Participation in the pre-qualifiers is a requirement to be selected for the finals, only the top 10 partial fursuit contestants and the top 10 fullsuiter contestants will compete in the final rounds.

  1. Your registration will be confirmed by assigning a date for your pre-qualifying evaluation, either Friday, October 11, or Saturday, October 12.
  2. Pre-qualifiers will be held behind closed doors, public access will not be allowed. Only contestant handlers may be present, upt to two per contestant.
  3. The track or song must be the same that the contestant would use in the finals.
  4. The judges of the pre-qualifiers will NOT be the same as the judges in the final, but they will evaluate based on the same criteria (see “Evaluation points”).
  5. If you become a finalist, be prepared to dance on ** Sunday, October 13 **.

Music track guidelines:

Music tracks provided for your participation must comply with the following requirements, in case of any a problem regarding to either the format, the quality of the track or the content, it will be notified to you ASAP.

  1. The music track must be provided through a download link in dropbox, drive or other public service that allows us to download the track in MP3 format, and must be named with the participant’s alias or group name. Example: FursonaNickName_Partial.mp3 / OMGBear_Full.mp3
  2. Allowed duration:
    • Solo (Full or Partial) - min 1:00 minute and max 2:00 minutes.
    • Group - min 1:00 min and max 3:00 minutes.
  3. Any musical genre can participate and a mix of music can be used without limit of songs, as long as its meets the duration assigned by category.
  4. The staff will not make any editing or cutting to the tracks provided. The track must have the exact duration that your routine requires, in case of extending the established duration, the staff will stop the track or reduce the volume until it reaches silence.
  5. It may not have any sort of explicit contain, since this is an event suitable for all ages.
  6. If there is a change in the music track, it must be notified by email before the closing date of entries. Later changes will not be accepted, no exceptions.


  1. This competition is Fursuit exclusive, other kind of costumes will not be accepted and will cause disqualification if they are presented.
  2. The use of props such as: Dance sticks, hats, small toys or stuffed animals is allowed as long as the participants remove them from the stage at the end of their participation and the objects do not violate the Confuror code of conduct.
  3. Any rude or malicious action during the participation is prohibited and entails the immediate disqualification, as well as a penalty according to Confuror regulations.

Evaluation points:

  • Originality: Creativity and representation of ideas, also the use of accessories or props (if any).
  • Execution: The precision, balance and fluidity with which participants keep up with the music.
  • Character: Energy, track confidence and body expression.
  • Audiencia: Public reactions, attention captured and astonishment.