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October 2022
20, 21, 22 & 23

This competition is suitable for all ages and open for everyone to participate. No fursuit dancing or performance experience is required. Contestant applications will be receveid until October 4th October 6th. Let’s all get moving!

How will it be carried out?

Following categories are available:

  • Partial Fursuit Solo: 1 contestant - Head, Hands/Paws, Feet and/or tail as minimum fursuit pieces.
  • Full Fursuit Solo: 1 contestant - Full Fursuit.
  • Group: 2 to 5 participants per group, either Full or Partial Fursuit.

It will be divided into two stages. In the first stage, participants will send us their dance routine on video following the instructions described on this page. An internal jury will evaluate the entries to ensure that they comply with all the points requested, a selection of the best ones will be made according to our available transmission time.

Selected entries will be notified and will move on to the second stage, which will be broadcast during Confuror Online 2021 where a public jury will evaluate them to determine a winner!

Participation requirements

Previous steps:

  1. Record the dance routine on video. Either with a cell phone, a webcam or a professional camera, as long as it complies with the characteristics requested here.
  2. Record an introduction video that also complies with the characteristics described below.
  3. Save the audio track of the dance routine in an audio file according to the characteristics described below.
  4. Complete the application in the corresponding category with all required fields before October 4 October 6, 2021. For the group category, only one representative is required to fill out the application and include the information of the other participants.

Dance routine video guidelines

  • It must have a duration between 2 to 3 minutes for the categories “Partial Fursuit Solo” and Full Fursuit Solo; and between 3 to 5 minutes for the “Group” category. To avoid disqualification, the duration may not be longer or shorter than that indicated in their respective rank.
  • It must be recorded in horizontal format (landscape) and the shot must show the full body of the participants, including full visibility of the extremities.
  • Digital editing (overlapping elements, visual effects, etc.) should be kept to a minimum, focusing the video on the dance routine and not on the participant’s multimedia production capabilities. The use of digital editing is not restricted as long as participants keep in mind that it is the routine what will be evaluated.
  • Following the previous point, the use of props or background scenery is also allowed, considering that the evaluation will be based on the dance routine.
  • It will not be allowed to include social media promotion or to announce any personal projects visually or audibly.

Dance routine audio track guidelines:

  • Any musical genre is welcome. You may use a mix of music with no limit to the number of songs, as long as it complies with the assigned length per category.
  • The audio track must be censored in case it includes words not suitable for all ages.
  • The audio track must match perfectly with the video track, it must be verified before submission.
  • The names of the songs included in the track must be specified in the application for accreditation.

Introduction video guidelines:

  • It should not exceed one minute in length.
  • For the group category, it must include all participants.
  • The editing of the cut is free and may contain as many scenes as fit within the allowed length. When recording yourself, you may mention your name, your likes, your motivations or whatever you wish to be identified to the audience.
  • You may not include promotion to follow social networks or announce personal projects visually or audibly.
  • The images captured and language used in this video must be suitable for all ages.

File and formats guidelines:

  • Video files must be in MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV or WMV format.
  • Audio files must be in MP3 or WAV format.
  • You must upload your files to any storage platform of your choice (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Mega, Etc). In the case of videos, they can be uploaded to Youtube, Vimeo or any other platform that allows you to keep videos “Unlisted”. Try to keep your videos private until the contest is over.
  • You must provide the direct link to each audio or video file without using URL shorteners.
  • Any required changes to the files must be notified before the deadline for the contest at

Contest Rules

In order to guarantee a successful participation and proceed to the final stage, which will be broadcast live, the following rules must be complied with:

  1. This contest is exclusive for Fursuiters, other costumes will not be accepted. The minimum pieces to participate are head and hand/paws in the Partial Fursuit Solo category. In the Group category, Partial and Full Fursuits may participate together.
  2. The contest is for all ages; the videos provided, dance steps, visual elements presented and/or the music track used must adhere to this and not contain vulgar words, references or insinuations of a sexual nature.
  3. The use of accessories or props such as: Dance sticks, hats, small toys or stuffed animals, etc. is permitted as long as they do not violate the rule above or the Confuror code of conduct.
  4. Any rude and/or malicious action during the execution is prohibited and leads to disqualification.

The staff reserves the right to discard any entries that do not comply with the rules herein.

Scoring Criteria

  • Performance: The quality of the acting, dancing and framing in the shot.
  • Originality: Creativity in the choice of music, variety of dance steps and character characteristics.
  • Stage Presence: Energy, confidence and body expression in accordance with the music chosen.
COVID-19 Important notice
Due to the required sanitary measures, our presential convention is postponed again, now to 2022. Registration is maintained for new dates.

You can also participate in our free virtual event this year, more information soon.
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