October 11, 12 & 13 2019 | Guadalajara, México

Regulation for sales inside Confuror

If you want to apply for a sale space inside Confuror, you should read carefully this regulation to be prepared. Last revision February 2019.

The following guidelines will introduce conditions, benefits and limitations to which vendors who wish to participate in the sales floor for Confuror are to be subject, as well as any other person participating in said activities.

The participation of vendors and artists in the sales area is conditioned to the acceptance and compliance of these terms and conditions, without exceptions..

The “Sales Area” makes reference to the space designated in the convention area for the assemblage of stands or exhibition of art. This space shall be divided in two different categories or types of activity: “Dealer’s Den” and “Artist’s Alley”, which are differentiated by their objectives and what they offer. At the same time, “exhibition” is the ensemble of materials available for sale or exhibition in the assigned spaces, no matter their format.

1. General Terms

  • 1.1 Every aspiring exhibitor to the activities offered by the sales area in Confuror must present a timely request according to the guidelines of the corresponding announcements. The acceptance of said request is subject to the terms and conditions of these guidelines and to an evaluation. Confuror reserves the right to admit or reject any request based on its nature, materials presented or in the event’s convenience interests. The decision of the committee in charge of this evaluation will be unappealable.

  • 1.2 No sale of any article or art exhibited outside of the sales area shall be permitted. Any exhibition which is mounted, with the purpose of selling it, outside of the assigned areas, shall be removed and may also entail the confiscation of the convention access badge. Deliveries or exchanges previously agreed upon in electronic means are exempt from the above.

  • 1.3 The space assigned within the sales area shall be respected. The mounting of the stand may not exceed the allowed dimensions or invade any neighboring spaces, nor shall it infringe upon the assemblage or mounting rules that govern the venue. If the assembly of the stand requires adhesive materials or puncturing of some sort, staff must be consulted before mounting the stand. Any damages done to the furniture or decor of the venue caused by the assemblage or operation of the exhibition must be covered by the person who requested the sales space.

  • 1.4 The materials conforming the exhibition area must comply with what is described in the “Permitted Materials” subsection. Otherwise, immediate removal of the stand will be requested and enforced. Reincidence may cause a suspension to the right of exhibiting in the con space.

  • 1.5 Holders of the stand permit and participants in the sales area accept to comply with the rules described in these guidelines and to heed the indications given by staff members regarding assemblage or operation of the exhibition. Confuror reserves the right to suspend any exhibition which, to our criteria, doesn’t comply with these guidelines, with no retribution liabilities or responsibilities on our behalf whatsoever.

2. Permitted Materials

  • 2.1 In order to be allowed in, and to keep the sales authorization valid, materials presented by aspiring vendors, artists or dealers, in their requests and exhibition must comply with the following fundamental characteristics:
    • 2.1.a They must be Furry related; materials presented must be furry-related or have some sort of connection with the Furry Fandom. Furry-related being defined as: anything containing elements or characters with a zoomorphic aesthetic, OR derived from, OR inspired by, animals, including both real or fantastic species. Alongside with artifacts or devices that serve some purpose within the Fandom; this includes also any kind of prop that may be used by a fursuiter.
    • 2.1.b They must be suitable for all ages; no exhibition of materials with lewd or adult-oriented content is permitted. Material which is exhibited must in all cases be suitable for all ages. For further details, please see the “Sensitive Content” section.
    • 2.1.c Copyright and originality; holders of the title to sell in their space must own the copyright or have an explicit authorization to exploit the graphic resources, designs and creations presented as merchandise or which are included within it, alongside with any other material which is part of their exhibition. Articles containing prints of trademarked works or illustrations done by third persons are prohibited. Confuror remains free of liability arising from any conflict derived out of the inappropriate use of copyright in the materials which artists or vendors bring into the event.
  • 2.2 Rules regarding prohibited items indicated in the Code of Conduct for the event shall also apply for items on sale, no exceptions. Any material whose operation represents a security or health hazard for assistants is also prohibited.
  • 2.3 Preference shall be given to requests containing original or self-made materials. Requests which contain manufactured or merely commercial items shall be put on hold and Confuror shall reserve the right of authorization.

3. Sensitive Content

  • 3.1 Sensitive Content comprises all content with partial or full nudes, alongside with erotic elements, explicit sexuality, extreme violence or the use of drugs or inebriating or intoxicating substances.
  • 3.2 Graphic materials used in decorating the exhibition or which is exposed in the materials in the exhibition, must be suitable for all ages and can’t be of a sensitive nature according to the previous description.
  • 3.3 Works such as comics, books, fanzines, or magazines which have an adult-oriented content or which is of sensitive nature may be authorized only if they are packaged at all times and if their cover on both sides either doesn’t contain said sensitive material or it is completely censored, or the package is sealed and censored. These materials must be offered only to adults which are duly identified and these materials may not be opened or browsed in the convention venue.
  • 3.4 No individual prints whose content is of sensitive nature may be exhibited or sold, even if they are censored in a superficial manner.
  • 3.5 Graphic materials which have been digitally retouched to be suitable for all public will be allowed, only if the result of the edition makes the material comply with what has been explained above.
  • 3.6 The sale or exhibition of artifacts which have an exclusively erotic or fetishist purpose is prohibited.
  • 3.7 Under no circumstances may the offer of commissions with sensitive content be advertised in the sales area. Commissions of this nature must be talked about in private and they can not be worked on in the convention venue.