October 11, 12 & 13 2019 | Guadalajara, México

Regulation for sales inside Confuror

If you want to apply for a sale space inside Confuror, we recommend you to read carefully this regulation and be prepared for the announcement.

General terms

Exhibition will only be permitted inside the designated selling areas. Displaying merchandise outside assigned areas may result in the removal of the access badge.

Designated sales areas are classified as follows:

  • Artist Alley: Mainly focused on illustrators and graphic producers, it is a space where they can sell originals, prints or merch with their art printed, also offer commissions as long as they meet the requirements stipulated in this regulation.
  • Dealers Den: Focused on Crafters, Fursuit Makers, Prop Makers or miscellaneous sellers as long as their items meet the requirements stipulated in this regulation.

Any applicant for a sale space must submit a form as specified in each edition of the event.

In order to sell merchandise of any kind it is required to have an approved application and an assigned space. The Confuror staff reserves the right to evaluate sale requests according to their criteria and in accordance with the event policies.

Content and accepted merchandise

The following clauses apply to the merchandise presented in the sales requests, as well to any article intended to be exhibited at the event especially if it has not been mentioned during the application. The Confuror staff reserves the right to request merchandise removal if it does not comply with these clauses:

It should be Furry*:
All articles on sale must be Furry* themed or been related to Furry fandom in some way, this includes any kind of prop that can be used by a fursuiter. All rules settled in the code of conduct about forbidden articles during the convention apply to sale articles with no exception.
For all ages:
Adult themed or adult oriented articles are forbidden in the sale spaces. All existing merch must be suitable for all ages and might be available to be exhibited at any time. Any artist or seller will be allowed to offer adult commissions during the event but only privately, without displaying any explicit adult material on their stands..
Authorship and originality:
Sellers must own copyright or the explicit authorization to benefit from the graphic resources, designs and creations presented with or as the merchandise. Articles containing printed scenes from registered works or third party illustrations are forbidden. Confuror disclaims any conflict arising from the inappropriate use of copyright in merchandise that sellers introduce to the event.

*It is considered Furry themed anything that contains elements or characters with zoomorphic aesthetic, or animal derived, real or fantastic species included. As well as artifacts or devices designed explicitly for the fandom.

About the application and the characteristics of sale spaces

Only one application could be submitted by any Confuror attendee, and only one sale space can be requested per application. It is not required to cover entrance cost to submit your sale application, but once approved it is mandatory to pay both your entrance and the sale space fee, otherwise the application will be canceled.

Description and sample pictures of any article pretended to sale at the convention must be included in the sale space application, as long as possible. Designation between Artist Alley or Dealers Den will be defined by this description.

Inside Dealers Den, every designated spot includes table space and two chairs; only a maximum of two sellers will be allowed to stay per sale space at any moment, but sellers could be replaced freely at their will. Under Artist Alley, every designated spot includes table space and one chair; only one artist will be allowed per spot at any moment, but it may also take turns with an asistant or another artist under preference of the spot owner. Individual registration and access payment is required for every seller or assistant in order to attend the event.

Sale spaces had the following measures:

  • Dealers Den: 120cm large and 70cm wide (half of large table). Mounting vertical structures over the table or behind it will be allowed, as long as it’s base dimensions do not exceed the same area of the table space, and it’s height do not exceed 2 meters.
  • Artist Alley: 80cm large and 70cm wide (third of a large table). Any structure mounted over this space will require to be disasembled at the end of the day, but it might be stored under the area, as long as the staff personel is notified.

Inside Dealers Den in order to mount larger exhibition stands, designated space could be combined for groups of artist or sellers, as long as every seller or artist application for a sale space is approved. It is required to contact the Confuror staff by mail, indicating the names of the sellers or artist interested in mixing their spaces, once every one of them had received their confirmation emails. As a space distribution matter, the possibility of assigning more than two contiguous spaces is not guaranteed, but we will try our best.

Stands inside Dealers Den may remain assembled at the end of the operating hours of the sales area, every seller is responsible for manage their inventories and ensure the safety of their goods. Assigned rooms will be locked after everything is packed for the night and vendors leave.

Tables for artists inside Artist Alley will not be designated permanently. The table every artist will use for the day will be asignated at the moment of their check in.

Confuror is not responsible for the management of inventories, prices or profit recovery. We value the entrepreneurship and the will to sell in our event, enriching the convention experience; unfortunately our space is limited and we can not guarantee a place for everyone, but we recommend to follow the terms indicated in this document to ensure a positive evaluation.